Photographing the edge of Fonts Point in Borrego Springs, CA


My name is Joel Quimpo. I have always had a fascination with deep sky astronomy and recently in photography that captures some of that beauty. I learned my craft from astronomer and photographer Dennis Mammana. Dennis is apart of TWAN - The World at Night - an organization of astronomers and photographers who capture some of the most beautiful and historic sites in the night with a backdrop of stars. 

Modern photographic equipment makes it possible now to capture whole landscapes and astroscapes illuminated by starlight. If you have your camera modified by having its cut-off filter removed it will become highly sensitive to infrared light. In our night skies many stars burn and vent hydrogen gas which shows up as a bright red light in the photos. If you can filter that light so that you capture the hydrogen emission which is a specific wavelight you can photograph the night sky without creating bloated stars and distortion. You can see nebulae and other objects in the sky that all other off the shelf camera simply miss. 

Metallic, aluminum, and archival prints are available for every photo on this site. Fujiflex prints are available on prints 12x18 or larger.

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